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"I wonder if Groose has something to do with this…" Eagus wonders, as they fly around Skyloft.

"Maybe we should check Groose's hideout, Link." Link nods, and Eagus flies Navy over there promptly. Link holds on tightly as he flies swiftly.

"I see Red! I mean red feathers!" Link shouts, pointing to the bird locked in a prison. Eagus pulls out a small sword, and cuts the ropes.

"Red!" Link steps over, petting his Loftwing. Red bumps Link's head playfully.

"Red looks like he really loves you, Link…" Eagus trails.

"Sure does. Ready to fly?" Link says, sitting atop Red.

"You know it!" Eagus says, jumping onto Navy.

They quickly fly into the sky, almost as if nothing was wrong with the world they live in.

"Catch me if you can, ya big lug!" Link shouts to Eagus.

"Oho, I will, pretty boy!"

"Pretty boy?" Link wonders, as his heart starts racing. He looks over to Eagus, who's taking off his cap. He rubs his hair, and put it back on without hesitation. Many hours pass, without the two even knowing.

"Link?!" he hears from behind him, although the voice isn't Eagus's. Link quickly stops Red, and look behind him to see Pipit flying over.

"You're not supposed to be out flying this late! Get to solid ground at once!" Pipit loudly scolds him. Link starts flying back to land, but stops as he sees Eagus flying over.

"Leave him alone. He's with me, Pipit." Eagus says, going next to him.

"Right away sir." Pipit chokes.

"Good boy." Eagus says, nodding. As soon as Eagus turns away, Pipit grabs a hold of Navy, and pushes Eagus off his Loftwing.

"Eagus!!" Link screams, as he looks down to see him falling, and Pipit's arm crossed and smiling. He quickly turns Red, and dashes to him. Red then grabs Eagus with his feet, and they quickly fly to the Waterfall Cave entrance. Both Link and Eagus then collapse to the ground, facing each other. A minute later, they both sit up.
"Eagus…I'm so glad you're okay." Link says, gasping a bit. He notices he is as well.

"Link…you…*Gasp*" Eagus releases. Link nudges over, and puts his arm around the large man. Eagus looks over, to see Link looking into his eyes. He quickly blushes.


Eagus then slowly goes in for a kiss. He softly touches Link's, and quickly pulls back after a few seconds. Link simply stares at him red in his cheeks.

"I, uh…" Link utters.

"Thank you, Link." Eagus nods, rubbing his red cheeks, still feeling jittery. Link nods, and he turns away to walk off.

"Wait, Link. Come with me."


"I…um…sorry about what I did earlier…" Eagus says shamefully.

"It's okay." Link says with straight face, looking at the painting as again on Eagus's wall. He then shuts his eyes tightly in pain.

"What's wrong?" Eagus says, unclipping his shawl.

"My shoulder, I think I pulled something."

"Crap, it's all Pipit's fault." Eagus replies, taking off his armguards.

"I can't reach it…mind rubbing it for me?" Link asks, saying off his belt and waistcloth.

"Of course." Eagus replies, walking to the back of the sofa footstep Link's sitting on. Link then lifts off his shirt and puts it beside him. Eagus then digs his palms and thumbs into Link's shoulders, making Link gasp. A few minutes pass.

"Better?" Eagus asks, pulling back.

"Much." Link says, getting up.  He puts his shirt back on.

"Oh crap, it's 11pm?!" Link exclaims.

"Indeed…" Eagus says.

"But…I can't go back the academy. I can't let Pipit see me."

"You're free to stay here the night." Eagus says.

"For real? Thanks, Eagus!" Link says, kicking off his boots and jumping onto Eagus's bed.

"Hehe, no problem Link. I'm going to go take a quick bath, and change." An hour later, Eagus comes back in soft clothes, and slides under the covers next to Link. A few minutes pass.

"…Eagus?" Link whispers.

"Yes, Link?" Eagus whispers back. Link turns over to him.

"I keep having these dreams…of me standing in the dark, and a huge creature standing over me. It has these huge teeth and an enormous jaw. It really freaks me out." Link admits, as he chokes up, "They won't stop."

Eagus pulls Link over, and lays his head on his large arm, "Well, don't worry. I'm sure they don't mean anything. And tonight, you got this big guy protecting you." Eagus says chuckling, looking over to Link. He pulls him closer.

"Oh…and about earlier, Eagus..." Link whispers, turning away. Hesitating, he turns back.

"What, Link?" Eagus whispers, pulling Link in a little more.

"…" Link pulls Eagus's head in and kisses him. Link lets go and pulls back. A few seconds of silence pass after a gasp from Eagus.

"Link…do you…like me?" Eagus says, shocked. Link simply blushes and smiles.

"…You need to get to sleep!" Eagus whispers shocked. Link chuckles and rolls over. Eagus pulls him in his arms.

"Goodnight, Link."

"Goodnight, Eagus."
Chapter 3 of my Skyward Sword fanfiction! Enjoy!

Zelda belongs to Nintendo

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The writing itself needs refining but the story is there. A nice change of pace from the usual pairings even if it is a little shotacon, haha. And watch out for your tenses. Writing present tense can be tricky. 'Shocked' is past tense. 'shock' is it's present tense (in shock, with shock, as shock took him).
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Thank you. :)
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